Fell for You

01 Dec

pengen nulis tentang ini tapi ga tau mau di mana jadi aku tulislah di blog ku ini……


this is what i fell

check this out


i think…. i have a felling for u…

i can’t say that what i fell for you is a love

because love isn’t want anything

love just want you to be happy and smile

but i’m to selfish

i want to have you just for me

i don’t want to see you smile for somebody else


i just can say….

whenever i see your face…. smile…. lough……

i can smile to…. fell happy…..

and in my chest

i fell some thing but i don’t know what is that

i just can say

i like you my beloved man…..




that what i fell……..

kalo salah kata-katanya maaf  ya…… maklum pemula……

i just want to expression what i fell now……

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Posted by on December 1, 2010 in what i fell


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